Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Great Grout Debate

Yes, We are finally at that point in the kitchen: backsplash! I decided to pick up the tiles the other day so we were prepared when we had a little time. One of my favourite tile shops in London, Budget Carpet and Tile, had a few amazing deals. My husband really wanted the mosaic glass in citron yellow/green, but we are trying to stage for resale, so I felt a classic white was in order. At 3.99 I could have had a hex tile or mini subway tile, but the 1.99 classic subway was too compelling at that price! Which brings me to the question of grout colour. For a long time I felt that white grout was the only option! Now I'm not so sure: Do I go clean and bright?

Or contrasting and dramatic?

What do you think? I need your help to appeal to the masses!