Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Doll Quilt

 I have always loved the idea of quilting, but have never had the patience until I started having kids. I made my very first quilt for Eleanor at the end of my pregnancy. It is a modified Brick Path Quilt . I don't have any pics, but it was pretty sucessful for my first attempt.

I recently made my second quilt, this time for a doll quilt swap. Doll Quilts are tiny quilts, just for wrapping dolls up in!

I absolutely love the quilt blog Film in the Fridge and was inspired for this quilt by her Scattered Mini Blocks Quilt, though I made mine a little more random.

I also love pieced backs, so did a strip across the back:

I don't have a large arm quilting machine, so I did some freehand random crazy quilting and am really pleased with how it looks. I hope the recipient loves it!

This quilt was a great way to use up tiny scraps of favourite fabrics. I'd love to make a bigger version for Emmett when I get around to it. What do you do with your tiny scraps of fabric?

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