Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This weekend was a beautiful weekend for garage sales; my favourite sales are the ones that are found driving around neighborhoods, following arrows on signs. It seems there were a lot of un-advertised garage sales this weekend, people! you need to put ads online! (even though thrifters like me love it because of less competition!). I came home with a few things, a good start to the season:
An old wooden cake stand, and a newer bowl that I liked the matte black finish on. I am a sucker for accessories!

I also picked up this pretty chandelier for $10, perfect because I am without a light fixture in my room at the moment. I have not decided whether to leave it alone or spray paint it, any suggestions?

I also found a large, wooden framed mirror. Not usually my style, but I like the contrast and the colour looks nice against the gray in my living room:
I am finding myself drawn to more gold and brass; something I never imagined possible for me! How was your weekend, any thrifting treasures to share?

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