Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Very Special Late Birthday Present

Yes, some of you know my birthday is in August, but this was well worth the wait. For years I have searched for the perfect antique armoire to match my taste, but have failed. My Dad and his friend Stan who builds beautiful cabinets and kitchens built this colossal armoire to make up for the lack of storage in my house...
My parents asked me to design it so that it would be a custom fit for the items I want to store. It took me a while to decide, but I am so thrilled! It finally means I have one closet upstairs for clothing. The colour is a gorgeous match to Farrow and Ball's Pavilion Gray.
I must admit I am a bit spatially challenged (remember the couch purchase?) and thought this armoire, which sits at 8 feet, would fit anywhere in the house. It took up too much space in the front hall so is now next door in the dining room; not a problem, just another design challenge for me! Right now I am busy trying to decide what type of hardware to use on the cabinet; here are my top choices:
I love the industrial look of these.
These may be too traditional, would use the chrome or black. Sometimes I like to play it safe!

J is my favorite of these, I used the satin chrome finish in my kitchen. Too matchy?
These could be cool, the oil rubbed bronze would look neat.
Or I could just go with a completely different look and not use a pull! Not sure if the size of the cabinet would dwarf these though.
So what's your verdict? I would love to hear your opinion so I can put away some of my mess!

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