Monday, July 11, 2011

Aludean Hippos

Yes, those hippos are actually part of a kids' playground! They are made from cast concrete and have rubber ears and are lounging in a rubber swamp! I only wish I could let my kids crawl all over them! We'll have to go next time we are in Melbourne.

I met Louise and Dean many years ago in Melbourne. Dean plays the Bandoneon and we had a nice little jam at the house of my friend Peter (tango arranger, pianist and bandoneonista extrodinare!). I might add here that Peter's house is covetable! Anyway, Louise and Dean are basically responsible for my Argentine Tango obsession that lasted quite a few years. They have a great design business called Aludean. When I met them, they had just made these great hippos and were also making these fab modular planters for gardens.

I'm also really, really loving this wall sculpture:

And this:

Check them out here!

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