Friday, July 8, 2011

My Love-Hate Relationship with Homesense

Yes, I admit it. I love to shop. I would be in big trouble if I lived in a big metropolis where my options are plenty, but alas, I live in London, where there exists one or two independent design shops to pick from. I am lucky I like vintage, because thrifting helps a lot; but once and a while I find myself giving in to my addiction to Homesense. These are the top things I look out for when I go, to prove that Homesense is not just the land of giant nutcrackers and hideous furniture:

 Lamps! The curvier the better...I have loads of these in my house and am pretty sure they all came from that store. I have never paid more than sixty dollars for one!

Mirrors, like lamps, are another obsession. I always find a big variety, some hideous, some awesome, all cheap...

Pillows! These are feather filled, name brand and I only paid thirteen dollars each! I wish I had bought four or five because each one has been claimed for movie watching already. I love the crazy colours, something my living room desperately needs.
A few other things I have picked up for ridiculously cheap:
patio chairs (teak),
kitchen utensils,
What about you guys? are you a secret fan like me?


  1. So funny! I swear this is true - my friend bought a giant nutcracker at Homesense for his 10 year old son who was quite nutcracker-obsessed a few years ago!

  2. Wow! Where in the world would she keep something like that? I have a hard enough time with my kid's toys taking over my house as it is ;)

  3. oh I remember the giant nutcracker. Freaked my 2 yr old out! I am slightly obsessed with the nifty little things I find there for so little.. shop on!