Thursday, July 28, 2011

Banquette Lust

I don't know what it is about banquettes; a look I once associated with traditional or country design has morphed into something spectacular that fits a modern aesthetic. The idea of secret storage gets me all excited, especially in a house with two closets! You see, months ago I designed my kitchen around my kitchen table, having a place for the kids to sit while cooking, or for having coffee (and blogging!) in the morning sounds appealing to me. Fast forward to present times and no one sits at that table, it is cold in that corner, the chairs are cumbersome and the whole table (and underneath!) seems to have become a magnet for junk that people feel like dumping somewhere. Maybe I am a dreamer, but I feel that these beauties could be the answer to this dilemma:

This picture has been in my design files for a while, doesn't that family look so happy sitting in their banquette? Surely it is because Mom has a place to store those ugly waffle makers and toaster ovens...
Banquettes can hide storage in the smallest of spaces...
Not your typical L-shape, but you get the idea...
I am always a fan of Eames chairs and rustic tables too!
Holly and Henry could do their homework while I cook? (sorry, those who know me well probably find that hilarious).
I love how this one has storage on the end as well. What do you think? Do you have a little nook somewhere in your house that would fit a banquette perfectly and would you use one if you could?


  1. Sarah Richardson uses banquettes frequently. If you have children, I think they're great due to the practicality of fitting lots of people on it and they're super chic. But for my (childless) husband and I, I don't know if I'd like one.

  2. I must admit it is the practical side that attracts me to them, I have a *slight* chair obsession, so I would usually go for as many of those as possible....