Friday, July 29, 2011

Cool Bike Bags

So, onwards with this bike theme (I haven't had a chance to do anything on my house for a while!).

I LOVE riding my bike around town and have been using my regular leather satchel, but I'm getting sick of being sweaty all the time.

I ordered this vintage Swiss Fly Fishing bag from Uncle Sam's for only $15:
Uncle Sam's
 The nice thing about it is that you can use the leather straps and buttons to use it like a pannier. The only problem with it is that it, well, stinks. Literally. I've tried airing it out, but it smells like a stinky old Swiss Fly Fisherman.

Plus, I'm trying out the Mary Poppins Effect when riding my bike. So far it seems to be working quite well, but I think I need to enhance it with a lovely bag.

I've already talked about "real" bike bags here, but what I think I now think I want a more ladylike thing.

Here are some contenders:

Basil via A Girl and Her Bike

The Basil Mirte comes in quite a few charming prints (including retro cherries!) and is reasonably priced at around $52 USD

It attaches to your rack using hooks:
Public Bikes
I would love to get this, but the problem is that it won't fit the bike rack on my Superbe. Le sigh.

Po Campo
The Po Campo Armitage Satchel. YES! I love it! It simply straps onto your rack and also looks like a regular purse, plus it has a shoulder strap which is a must for me with kids. For $135, it's a bit spendy but not too bad. Plus they have these neat videos:

I've actually gone ahead and ordered the Armitage Satchel directly through the Po Campo site and I can't wait until it arrives! Stay tuned for a review!

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