Monday, July 25, 2011

Stayin' Cool

It's pretty hot here at the moment. Every summer we have a couple of weeks of really hot, humid weather and we all complain (and stink).

It's been fun/challenging to devise ways to keep cool. Rachel's just had air conditioning installed at her place, but we don't have it. I don't think I would ever live it down to my Aussie friends if I used air-con in Canada!

Here are some things we have been doing to beat the heat:

Playing with the water table:

Drinking water from a boat:

Tipping water over our heads

Note that Emmett is not feeling at all emasculated with his frilly pink swim diaper! When we go out in public I put more manly board shorts on over the top but at home, we let loose!

We have also been going to our local pool lately (Rachel goes every day!) which has recently been renovated and it's extremely nice.

If it's unbearably hot at night, I take a cold bath, then wet a washcloth and keep it by my side to periodically douse myself and then let the fan evaporate it.

What are you doing to chill out?

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