Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Happenings and Reno Updates

How was your weekend? Like Leila, I spent some time at the local pool, mostly to allow my husband to get some work done:

Yes, that's the backsplash! which means a full kitchen tour is around the corner. Remember when I was waffling between dark and light grout for the kitchen? These groutless tiles kind of make me want to go dark and dramatic but I'm still unsure. The room is bright enough back there to handle it I think, but I have practiced so much restraint so far making neutral design decisions to make this house attractive to future buyers,  I don't want to stop now that I can see a future reno on the horizon (hint: we are about to outgrow this house!). 
Other than the backsplash, we had tiny pedis by the pool (AKA occupy toddler while big brother is in swimming lessons):

Any ideas on getting two year olds to not curl their toes under after the polish is on? She doesn't seem to mind, but I notice it!
I also had some fun playing with my new gadget:

We tested a cookies and cream recipe this weekend but are now considering moving on to chocolate bars...update soon. This machine is a godsend for parents of children with nut allergies!
Well, that was the extent of my weekend, I hope you enjoyed yours as well!

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