Thursday, August 25, 2011

Back to School

Even as a kid, I loved this time of year. Yes, it means the end of summer but it also means new beginnings, new friends, school supplies, classrooms and even new resolutions for schoolwork. I guess that is why I find it so fun to be on the other end and have a kid going to school, because I get to shop for the stuff! Today's lunches are a challenging issue for most parents; with balanced school days gone are the long lunch and two recesses; the focus is more on bite sized snacks throughout the day. Top this with a "litter free" and "peanut free" policy and parents may be at a loss. Because my son is naturally a "snacker" and also has a nut allergy, I would like to share some resources for making normal lunches beautiful and fun.
First of all the containers: This year I will be taking a bento-style approach to  lunches. This takes care of the garbage issue and eliminates the eventual "smell" these insulated lunch boxes acquire a month into school:
These are the top on my list. Now I'm not going to claim I know anything about filling these things, although I will share my adventures this year. I do know how to find peanut free snacks though, and I will be using these sites as inspiration:
These women create lunches that are works of art for their children. Not everything is peanut free but they have some great ideas for holidays, themes, and lots of resources for products to make the lunches fun!
Some additional resources for inspiration! What about you guys? any special ideas for back to school, or places to buy cool boxes for kids? please share!

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