Friday, August 26, 2011

New House Numbers!


...and AFTER! 
(ignore the big hole near the shutter)
Rachel posted about buying our numbers from Re-Store here and I finally hung them on the weekend! We'd been suffering with the old ones for way too long. Here is how I did it. I'm sure it seems obvious to the more handy, but for me it was a first time.

First I pried the old numbers off with a hammer

Next, I taped the guides to the wall, trying to get as many of the drill holes in the mortar. I then used a screw and a hammer to punch through the paper to mark the hole placement. Then, using the worst drill in the world, I drilled 1/8 inch holes using a masonry bit, and then re-drilled using 1/4 inch.

Then, the instructions said to fill the holes with caulking and push the numbers in, holding them in place with tape:

  And here is the result. If you look closely, you'll see that the caulking is visible. I'm going to trim it back as far as I can with a craft knife and if that doesn't help, I might try pulling them out and using a clear or darker coloured caulking. Or I could try using a Sharpie to colour it in....

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