Friday, September 16, 2011

Bathroom Reno Progress

Well, here we are after week one and already my bathroom is taking shape! Today is grouting day, and Monday the floor gets ripped up and the toilet moved...until then, here's your sneak peak:

I am so pleased with the mosaic border, Rona is having a truckload sale with glass and marble mosaics! Luckily, they had this one which has the perfect blues and greens to go with my bargain floor tile. For those of you curious about the price, a border of this size cost around $40 (at 6.99 a square foot), and the subway tile was a bargain at 1.99 a square foot. A good way to get a classic look that will suit lots of tastes.
Hope you have a good weekend and I'm looking forward to sharing progress next week!


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