Monday, September 12, 2011

Bathroom Reno:Phase One

Today is an exciting (and anxiety filled) day for me; the day my tub gets replaced! We decided that the bathroom reno would be a little much for my husband to handle right now with work and a new baby on the way (speed is also an issue-I don't want to spend six months with a new babe and no tub!). Our contractor has decided to do this reno in "phases", this week the tub and surround will be completed. To stay on budget, plumbing stays as is: if this was a forever house I would have probably separated the tub and shower. Of course, there are lots of economical and stylish options out there if you just shop around and keep it simple:
The American Standard "Minimalist" tub is the one we will be going with this time: it is cheap and offers clean lines and a deep soak.
The shower head and faucet will be replaced with a brushed nickel finish. Our contractor recommended Moen because he has had wonderful experience using their products.
This is as far as we have had to buy at this stage, we will be picking out tile today! Without further ado, here are the nasty before pictures (avert your eyes if you dislike slimy mold).

Shallow tub, bubbling vinyl floor, mold, rotten wood...not exactly luxurious; but we were using it! Lets hope I have some progress pictures for you next day!

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