Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craving a Finished Home

Sorry I have not had a lot of home projects lately, the bathroom redo has forced me to park my family other places during the day(mostly at my mom's), where there is no construction going on. I can sense the end of it all, especially since my floor looks like this:

You will have to excuse the picture, the lighting is horrible in there at the moment on this dreary day. Grout is finished though!
Still, lately I have been craving a finished home, one where tools are not on display and objects have been carefully chosen. These are a few that I have enjoyed online this week:
I love how white and fresh this home looks; those eames chairs have inspired me to save for my own eames rocker in that colour! 
This house has a nice eclectic mix of styles and uses lots of colour while maintaining its cozy appeal. 
This apartment in Paris suggests that with a keen eye Ikea can be design worthy.
Well, I hope to show you a finished product next week! (minus the details, of course), enjoy the rest of your day..


  1. becky from asplashofbipolar here...why didn't we turn and go up the wall for trim?! it looks amazing. good thing i have some extras in the garage if a re-do strikes my fancy anytime soon. oh, wanted to answer your question - range is from ikea and it sound like they're discontinuing the black - which is sad, because i love the european/non matchy style of it. also, bonus - i have been using it now for two or three weeks - and am in love with it's function as well.

    ps: as far as the le crueset goes...i'm a cali girl and we have an outlet a couple of hours away, so all my pieces are less than a hundred - far less in most cases. my husband is less than thrilled - he thinks they're giving him tendonitis. :)

  2. LOL at tendonitis. I need a new kettle and am SO leaning towards a brightly coloured le creuset for the (not as pretty as yours) stove. Our ugly stove/range is a temporary thing until we redo the kitchen and put gas in. So for now, we have a white glass top one. Rachel's is much prettier.