Thursday, September 29, 2011

Growing up

As you know, Eleanor is about to turn 3 and it's making me and my husband feel quite sad to see her growing up so fast. So please indulge me today as I post some pictures of our big girl on her journey.

Here's her first picture in the arms of my midwife.

She grew fast...

..until she was the chubbiest baby on the block (excuse the nose)!

She went to Australia and hit the beach,

And the grass.

And then we had another winter...


She became a big sister

and suddenly turned into a little girl!

She played...

and ate delicious food!

And did some more travelling.

And here we are. Almost 3. *sniff*.

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  1. Happy birthday Eleanor, lots of love :) You're making me all sentimental Leila!!