Friday, September 30, 2011

A Spot for Baby

I have always been a little bit sad that I have never had the opportunity to create a nursery in preparation for any of my little ones. Of course they are not deprived because their childhood rooms (ie. Henry's lately) get more attention than the space that their parents sleep in by the time they can appreciate it! Still, I love looking at beautiful spaces parents have created in anticipation of a new baby, and get inspired to create a special spot for my own little impending arrival, even if in the corner of my own room! Here are some of my favorites:

Oh the detail that has gone into this tiny nursery! I love the colours, that genius use of ikea shoe storage mounted on the wall and the tiny Panton  inspired chair. Perfection.
This closet-made-nursery is truly inspiring, especially to parents who think they do not have the space to create a place for baby!
Tons of vintage charm in this nursery, and you know this colour scheme is one of my favorites!
This nursery is feminine without being overly sweet...
I love how the use of texture makes this nursery so cozy, the light is fabulous as well...
So much inspiration, so little time. With three weeks left I'm not sure how far I could go, but these images do remind me that I can do a lot with the little space I have to make a special spot for this next baby!

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