Monday, October 3, 2011

Sky Lanterns

Oh Happy Day

When Rachel and I were on our last camping trip, a strange thing happened. We were all sitting around the campfire and what appeared to be a small UFO floated across the sky. When it came closer we could see that it was actually a paper (!) lantern with a candle inside.

I was determined to research more on this when I got home and then I forgot. Until Oh Happy Day's post.

You can buy the lanterns (which are actually called Sky Lanterns) here. There is also a neat video on how to light them.

I'd love to buy a whole lot and release them.

Or you can be really crafty and make your own. Confessions of a Fireworks Man has great instructions here, though I think I'd just buy them (they are only about $2 each).

Don't you think this would cool on Halloween?


  1. They do look stunning but have been responsible for many livestock deaths, there is metal wire inside them that causes damage when eaten, and they have also caused house/farm fires :(

  2. okay, anonymous just bummed me out. not in a bad way, just in a kill-the-magic sort of way. i have these on my wish list at amazon and i dream about getting a pack for the kids and going to the ocean and "setting them free". maybe not now. sigh.

  3. Oh bummer. Really? The ones that I was looking at didn't have metal, but string instead - they were the "eco" ones. They use string instead of wire :)

  4. oh, thanks for giving me an out. so doing this. and no, i will not be googling this for further confirmation. eco-ones it is.

  5. Becky - I think that's the funniest comment ever. LOL