Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bathroom Reno, construction done!

Well, all of the dirty work is finished in the bathroom, it is all in the details now! I thought I would post some "after" shots now, pre-styling and pre-finishing. Mainly to evaluate from another perspective what needs to be done to the room. It is amazing how cold and unfinished the room appears now, even though it is "done" from a contractor's point of view:

The vanity. As you remember, this is the one thing I felt I was really compromising on. However, it was practically free once we sold the existing vanity! I do feel that it desperately needs some nicer pulls as the ones right now are plastic and cheap. On the to-do list! (plus a pretty mirror).

View of the tub from this side, need towel hooks and obviously a nice shower curtain and bath mat! Adding some texture on this side will warm it up (as you can see I have already purchased a little teak table from Homesense to put my  tea and book on! I have never had a tub worthy of soaking in until now).

Huge amounts of space now in this bathroom, I am so happy that it is clean and waterproof now! Tiling around that little divider wall was genius on our contractor's part.

This side needs some desperate help. Switch-plate needs to be changed out to white, trim on window needs freshening up. The walls around the vanity will hold a hamper and some shelving for easy access to towels. And of course, the light fixture: must be changed to something pretty and feminine instead of the utilitarian track that is on there now! 
And this is that new lovely four foot space for cabinetry that we gained. Still unsure if I want a stand alone piece or the kitchen wall cabinets. I think a nice light wood tone in flat front cabinetry would be nice.
Well that is it for now, unfortunately the "finished" product will have to wait for baby to be born because I will need to go on a road trip for the cabinetry at least!

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  1. i love it. and i love the space - your options are wide open and you can go with so many styles. and did i see a hint of a chandelier?