Friday, October 7, 2011

Yarn Shop Yumminess

Isn't it funny how your friends end up all over the world doing unexpected things?

The beautiful Stefanie who I studied music with has ended up living in Rovaniemi, Finland which, from what I can gather is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. From what she has said it is so far north that they have 24 hour darkness in the winter, which I cannot imagine at all. Quite a change from Australia!

As it happens we both have had a parallel love affair with knitting and yarn, though she is an awesome knitter and I am pretty average. She's so into it that she has opened a yarn shop, NeulonTai. Here's what she writes about the name:

The name 'NeulonTai' is a play on words in Finnish. 'Neulon' means 'I knit' and 'tai' is the suffix used in the days of the week, just like we have 'day' at the end of our days of the week. maanantai=Monday, tiistai=Tuesday, and so 'NeulonTai' kind of means 'Knitday'! Knitday for us is Thursday, when the knitting group meets at the shop

Here are a few on her wonderful creations (pics below are from her personal Facebook page, so I can't really link them. Apologies to the credit-gods):

Talent and beauty, eh? I'm sure you'll all be pleased (and jealous) to know that Steffi is as gorgeous on the inside as out, PLUS she is an amazing flute player.

So if you're in Rovaniemi, Finland go to their store and say hi from me. Otherwise, check out their website and Facebook page!