Monday, October 24, 2011

Chair Makeover: Before and After

I have been wanting to tackle this project for a while; unfortunately procrastination (not going to lie!) got the best of me and the fabric sat in my cupboard for quite a while. I probably could have recovered these myself, but the funny thing about being nine months pregnant is that you can convince your husband to do things he would normally put off himself (honestly I am so relieved he was willing, if my present wrapping skills are any indication about my re-upholstering skills, you would know why). So this weekend we took these gross chairs:

From dingy to fabulous!

That mustard colour has become one of my favorites; since the seat padding was in good shape, this whole project cost 13 dollars thanks to some nice, upholstery weight fabric from IKEA! (and the cost of making a cheesecake for my husband, I'm sure). Happy Monday, everyone!

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