Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Cheery Switch-a-roo

Sometimes all it takes to see your house from a new perspective is a little furniture re-arranging. When I was little I used to enjoy switching around my parent's house; every time my parents went on a date I would recruit my little sister to help me haul couches across the room and clean and polish floors (the poor girl); I don't know what it was about that act that made the house seem so brand new to me!
While I have not attempted any furniture moving as of late, Henry's old rug needed a new home as it could no longer stay in his room (his stuva system could not open on top of it). Best place for it to go? The playroom!
Remember the old rug? it seemed a little out of place in there....
I still like that rug though, it is doing a nice job cozying up the living room for the cooler weather! I feel like the new rug adds even more cheer to an already cheerful room:

Which do you prefer?


  1. i love it - and the red table and chairs and the blue rocker...and the walls! and yes, the rug is sooo much better. it fits the playfulness of the space.