Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Most Lust-Worthy Cooker


This is the most covetous item in my dream kitchen. For those who don't know what it is, it's an AGA cooker. Basically it's a ginormous stove that doesn't have any temperature regulation. That's why there are 4 ovens - each is a different heat. Similarly, the 2 huge flat burners on the top are always on and one is hotter than the other. You regulate the heat by moving your pans on and off the heat (that's the way they do it in professional French kitchens). They also warm the kitchen wonderfully.

I grew up visiting my Aunt in England and she had one of these in her kitchen (she's moved and has a new one in her new kitchen too!) so there is definitely a nostalgia factor to my lust, but they are the best stoves around. You can also get them in quite a variety of colours including purple (!) and a rather lovely 'pistachio' which is kind of duck egg blue.

You do have to get really good cookware that has a totally flat bottom (Le Creuset is fine) to use them, but hey, if you can afford to buy an AGA, then you can afford great cookware too!

Wouldn't this just be so perfect in a Canadian kitchen through the winter?

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