Friday, December 16, 2011

Handmade Toys

As you may know, last year Holly received something specially handcrafted by Santa under the tree:

Santa may be a wee bit busy this year, but I love the idea of something with that extra bit of love under the tree. These are my favorite ideas for toys that may inspire you to hit the workshop this week or buy from the artists on Etsy:
I had a similar idea for a dress up wardrobe that I wanted my husband to make for Holly this year; but I am feeling squeezed for space as it is so decided against it. I love how Jennifer re-purposed an old piece of furniture for hers, and the wallpaper is adorable!
For those of you with tiny entrepreneurs, this bistro-style awning could have them their own fruit stand in a day. Luckily, it comes with a tutorial!
For those of you with little manly-men, a toy BBQ could be in order. Imagine how proud he will be that his steak is better looking than Daddy's!
For those of you who feel more at ease with fabric than powertools; there are a million-and-one felt tutorials for toys out there. I love that this one is geared towards boys after the plethora of felt food we've seen (which I still love, by the way).
This is the pattern I am currently considering for the kids. I like how it can be folded up to hide behind the bed and is an easy-access fort!
So what do you think, any projects on the horizon? I may feel a diy-urge coming on!