Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home Resolutions

As the new year fast approaches, resolutions are on my mind. While I have the usual health and wellness resolutions like most people (although, I'm going to go easy on myself and use the newborn excuse); I also have a few resolutions to make my home a happy and healthy place:
This picture made me laugh when I saw it, but I have been feeling overwhelmed by junk in my house lately and will continue on my purging spree. My hope in the new year is to go room by room with a donate bag and get rid of everything I haven't used last year. So far, so good!
Once I've determined what can stay and what can go, the next resolution is to find a solution for the lack of closets in the bedrooms (isn't that closet to die for, by the way?). The arrival of little Hazel has me climbing over awkward furniture arrangements to accommodate the extra crib and baby clothes in our room. Hopefully we can sell old dressers and my handyman can think of a custom solution to the problem (hint, Christmas present?).
Now that (hopefully) things are put away in their proper places, one of my resolutions is to get on some sort of cleaning regime. A lot of people swear by flylady; I don't want to get to psychotic about cleaning but I like the idea of people being able to stop by and visit me anytime without me being embarrassed of the pile of dishes on the counter (yes, I am a naturally messy girl).
It's all in the details! I must look at my house from a fresh perspective and finish of the details in rooms I've neglected. Hanging mirrors in the bathroom, finishing paint projects and trimming up doors, for example. Details will matter when I sell my house, but I have acclimated to its unfinished state. Perhaps having a friend make a list for me will help.
And that's about it! More than enough projects to keep me busy. What are your house resolutions for the new year?