Thursday, December 1, 2011

Roasted Unorthodox Veggies!

I didn't know what to call this post: Unorthodox Roasted Vegetables? Unorthodox Vegetables, Roasted? Veggies you didn't know you could roast?

Whatever. If you're like me until this year, you probably thought that the vegetables you can roast were root veg - potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, parsnip etc etc etc. But here's the rub - you can actually roast a LOT of veggies, especially green ones and it makes them more delicious AND more appealing to little palates!

The technique is the same as anything else - toss the veg in olive oil, salt and pepper. Put in a roasting dish in a single layer and into a 350 degree F oven for about an hour, tossing occaisionally. The longer you cook (short of burning!) the nuttier, more caramelly and more delicious it becomes! Amazing? I think so!

Here are some veg I have tried with the results:

  • Broccoli 
    • Our fave way to eat it - amazing!
  • Cauliflower 
    • Similar to Brocc - great!
  • Kale 
    • Known as Kale Chips and are delicious and addictive
  • Spinach
    • Not so good - too much water content
  • Brussels Sprouts (halved) 
    • Really good
What other unusual veggies have you roasted? I'd love to know!

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