Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts for that Stylish Tot

In a perfect world you could control every toy your child desired; alas, school or childcare approaches and all of a sudden your boy is asking for a massive G.I. Joe tank. At least you can surround them with style in hopes that one day they will ask for a mini mid-century style house for their Barbies. Or maybe, these products are just for the design obsessed parent. Here are some of my faves:
These are from Vitra's modern kid's collection, they can be bent in every which way and joined to form room dividers or even hollow structures! 
Maybe since I can't afford my own, I can buy this mini version and look at my kids sitting in it instead *sigh*
This screams stylish kid, the mini version is quite affordable as well.
I love teepees, this one is gorgeous for store bought, but I have always wanted to attempt making my own!
This is so adorable, and I know a little girl like holly would love something like this for snacks.
These duckies would look stylish floating in any tub...

I love a coat rack, especially at kid's height. Maybe one of these would inspire more hanging-of-back-packs!
No words, you know me and chairs.
And for the baby in your life, a stylish stacking toy. The options are surprisingly limitless for stylish kid's products on the Internet, still, not so sure how realistic it is to keep your kids in style past a certain age. What do you think? do you choose toys to fit in with your decor?

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