Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baked Salmon with Green Spinach Sauce

I know a lot of people are really scared of cooking fish, but it's so easy and great, especially for a crowd (or if you want leftovers). Apologies also for the dreadful pic, but you're probably used to that with my posts.

So here's how you do it. Go and buy a whole fillet of salmon. Feel along the middle of the fillet for any pin bones and yank them out with your fingernails, pliers, or tweezers. Preheat your oven to 350 Farenheit. Drizzle a bit of olive oil in a pyrex baking dish or paint a cedar salmon board with oil. Place your fillet on top, tucking the skinny end under so that the thickness is approximately even the whole way along the fish. Salt and Pepper the top and bung it in the oven. 

It's hard to give a cooking time as it will vary greatly according to the size of your fish. If it's a sizeable one, start checking at around 20 mins. When it's cooked, the flesh will flake easily with a fork like this:
While it's cooking, get on with your spinach sauce, aka Green Gunge.

Take a whole bag of baby spinach (or 2/3 of a bag of adult spinach) and put it in a food processor along with 2 T flour, 2 T butter, 2 cloves of garlic, a slice of onion and a cup of milk. Whizz it up until it's smooth, then put it in a pan. Heat slowly, and once it's near simmer, make sure you stir constantly. It will thicken up. If it gets too thick too fast, add a little more milk. Here's how it will look - 

You can use this basic creamed spinach as a sauce, dip, side dish or baby food. My kids love it. I decided to serve it as a sauce on this particular day and it was great.

If you think the broccoli in my first pic looks a bit funny, it is. It's roasted. Yes, roasted. Stay tuned for Thursday's post on roasting weird veggies!


  1. THANK YOU! I have been looking everywhere on how to make a simple spinach sauce! My boyfriends mother and grandmother make this simple dish with cooked potatoes, hotdogs, and some hard boiled eggs and they had a spinach sauce on top of it, looking just like yours. I want to try and make it because it is delicious! I will try it out, by the way, I am also lactose intolerant, is there something else I can use besides milk?

    1. Hi!

      I would just use soy milk - I've done it before. I don't know how well rice or almond milk would work because they are so thin...

      You could definitely sub olive oil for the butter.

      Please let me know how it goes!