Monday, November 28, 2011


Just when I was about to give up thrifting (at least for a while), I came across a box full of goodies:

All summer long I was coming home empty handed, and I was starting to wonder if those early morning Saturdays were worth it. I still persisted into the fall though because these church bazaars are kind of like an early holiday tradition with me and my mom (and now my sister too!). To get to the point, I was going in with low expectations so you can imagine my shock when I opened this box on the floor (under the table) to discover these:
I started to get a little panicky as I was sorting through them, trying not to let the box get discovered while I chose which ones to buy. Finally I asked the lady running the table "how much for the whole box?"
4 Dollars.

These are a huge addition to my Christmas collection (last year a few of my vintage ones broke, leaving me quite upset). Totally worth all the effort hunting!