Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boy Do I Have Some Work To Do.

Sometimes a deal comes up so great that all "design plans" fall to the wayside and your priority becomes "decorate around the deal" right? This is my reality. You know how I was trying to decide on some fabrics for Holly's room? Well a trip to good ol' Len's Mills on Monday left me with a whole lotta this adorable fabric:

Cute right? What makes it even cuter was the price! Yes, this sweet Michael Miller fabric was discounted again and 3.08 a meter!
Now I have to get on this project, because Holly doesn't understand why this fabric is not up in her room now. I'm still trying to decide how to make them! Help me sewing friends! Pinch pleat? grommets? (are those out?), tab back? Remember my sewing skills are minimal....
And then there is the issue of this fabric inspiring me to paint a coral-y pink on the walls instead of the barely there paint she has now....hmmm....