Friday, January 20, 2012

Kilim Obsession

need a new rug in the living room; right now there is a rug that is clashing with the style I want to achieve in that room, I am finding that I may have to go in a different direction with the room to work it in (although this rug has made me discover I may need a few warmer tones in my house). Something flat woven with deeper, faded tones...a kilim would be perfect...

Love the look of a kilim paired with white, natural elements, dark gray and modern furniture. The problem is finding a source for a good quality kilim, some of the blogs I have seen them in find them at antique markets but in London Ontario those are hard to find....Any good resources you know of?


  1. I've recently purchased a gorgeous kilim from I guess they are the largest source for flatweaves and tribal rugs on the net. Their collection is drooling!

  2. Great resource, Thanks! Do they cost a lot to ship?