Thursday, January 12, 2012

Organization Inspiration

What is it about a fresh new year that inspires (some) of us to get organized? I believe it must  be part craving a clean start, part desire to be a more efficient person, or maybe we are all trying to deal with the extra stuff laying around the house this time of year. At any rate, a trip to IKEA this weekend was definitely proof that people are looking for solutions for organizational needs (not the best time to go if you don't like crowds) .
I'm not a naturally organized person but I aspire to be! It is one of my favorite things to read about as well. Here are some neat organization and cleaning ideas I may try out this year:
Different versions of this "towel rod" jewelry holder have been floating around the net. I don't know if I have enough necklaces for this but thought I would post it at least for my sister's sake!
Love this, so simple. Wish I had figured it out when I was hairstyling!
We have all had one of these, just admit it. I saw a brilliant idea to use it for wrapping paper the other day but forget the source (if you know it, please tell me so I can give credit). You could also use it for baseball bats and swords (Moms of boys, you know they can accumulate) and rolls of other stuff like cling wrap!
Talk about maximizing storage space. If you have an armoire or cabinet that is not doing all that it could, reformat it with hooks and shelves on the doors!
I need to remember to do this soon. A spring cleaning bucket! I may even just create one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom so I don't have to climb stairs to get it (lazy, huh?). Anything to motivate me to clean.
What are your favorite cleaning or organizing tips? 


  1. I use the IKEA-hooks for exactly the same purpose as in your first picture. Quite handy, I think. And I also use these ( for my bracelets. On the same bar, of course.

    And OMG, IKEA is SO MUCH CHEAPER in the US!

  2. Hmm, I should try something for bracelets, I have more of those.
    IKEA is cheaper in the US, I'm not sure why!

  3. Probably because here (Belgium) IKEA is quite a hype for young starters. There's not one house where you can't find something IKEA-related, I'm sure.

    I have an idea for my bracelets ones we've moved (still rebuilding our house). I'd like to paint an old (ugly), empty painting-frame in some catchy colour that matches my walls, nothing in the frame, then, on the back of the frame, attach small hooks to string an thin iron thread, then on those lines, hang small hooks or some clips to attach my bracelets. It's all in the head, I kind of lack the courage to start my project.