Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bee-Day Party Ideas

First Day of my Life with You

Emmett's bday is coming up in April and I (obviously) need to uphold a high level of party to keep up with Rachel! I've been thinking quite a bit about themes and the classic Bee theme has caught my eye.

Plus my friend has the hive cake pan above (it's a NordicWare one)! How could I not do it? So I've been Googling like crazy for inspiration:

I LOVE the bee headbands and shirt! What awesome favours! I think I'll have to do this!

A to Zebra Celebrations
Another cool cake and other sweets!

A to Zebra Celebrations
Yes, I know it's not a bee, BUT I could definitely see how you could modify this idea with a bee theme! Adorable! Where do I get those pivoting eyelets?

A to Zebra Celebrations
OMG! These pretzels?!? I think I'm going to do a test run of bee themed ones!

TomKat Studio
And I will leave you with these gorgeous choccies! Wow! So much inspiration!


  1. Hi- those 'pivoting eyelets' are called brads. You can find them for a few dollars at Michaels here in Canada or at a fancy schmancy scrapbooking type store where you'll pay a bit more. Have fun!

  2. I should have said 'in a pack of 50 or 100' for a few dollars.... they're really not a few dollars each!