Friday, February 3, 2012

Etsy Decor

Let's have a little fun this morning, shall we? Imagine for a second someone hires you to decorate their living room, with no budget in sight. Catch is, the whole room must be furnished entirely by Etsy! Think you can do it? Let's go!

Now what great living room would be complete without a fireplace, let alone a fabulous, swanky, mid-century one!

A great credenza is always an essential piece, and this one comes with great storage (and legs!).

What's better than a blue sofa? oh yeah, 2 matching blue sofas!

This handmade coffee table with re-purposed hairpin legs will do just fine!

 This light fixture is amazing, and picks up on the shape of the fireplace!

It wouldn't be me if I didn't stick some lucite in there.

Let's go a little crazy with colour, shall we?
Finally, let's add some fun prints! 
What do you think? A little crazy, but fun to pull out the imagination sometimes. Some of these pieces I could even see in my home. Anyone have experience purchasing vintage furniture from Etsy?

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