Monday, February 6, 2012

Bike Accessory Lust

Velo Orange

Who would have thought that I would end up caring about such tiny details on my bikes? When I bought my first ever adult bike (last summer) I thought that at $2.50 bell would be fine. Not so now. Now I spend days thinking about bells and whistles (the former literally and the latter figuratively!) for my bikes. I mean, why wouldn't you want this gorgeous brass bell above?

Here are some other lust-worthy accessories that I am coveting:

Velo Orange
I love the handmade look of these Honjo Fenders.

I also love these crocheted dress guards! The purpose of a dress guard is to prevent your skirt (or dress) getting caught up in the rear wheel. I prefer to ride in a skirt, but currently have to ride in an A-line skirt (nothing fuller). I'd love to be able to ride in a maxi dress!

How convenient for when you're riding to a dinner party! This doesn't happen too much these days with the kiddoes, but in a past life this would be purrrfect.

...this is probably more realistic at the moment! This coffee holder relies on the cetrifugal force to keep your coffee in the cup while you ride. I've been meaning to knit one up to test it out!

Otherwise this might be a more secure (but less crafty!) option.

Banana Republic
And this is no longer a lust, but a reality! I've been coveting a cape for many years, and finally I am the proud owner of this one! It should be great for spring riding, plus, don't you think there is something kinda superhero-like to be riding in a cape?

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