Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leb Bread Love

Med Cooking Alaskaz

I love Lebanese bread. I especially love it with what my family calls "birdseed" or Za'atar. My brother had a  long-time partner who is Lebanese so I grew up eating delicious things like this, Falafel, and Leb Green Beans.

To make this special, sour-savory treat, you'll need to buy some Za'atar.

The Naked Beet

This is what it looks like - a dry spice mix. What you'll do is miz it with olive oil and spread it on Lebanese Bread (Thin Pita) and then pop it under the broiler until the bread is crisp and delish!

Serve it anytime, but it's really good for breakfast with plain yoghurt, scrambled eggs (!), tomato and cucumber!

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