Friday, March 30, 2012

Bike Bling


OK. You now know I have an illness. I honestly believe that the rear derailleur in the pic above is beautiful. You see, as well as spending way too much time looking at house porn, I also look at bike porn. The mothership for vintage bike porn is Velobase.

You see, I'm goign to rebuild this bike:

That means I'm going to strip everyone off it - the wheels, chain, cranks, etc and replace them with new or new-to-me vintage components.

I was quite thrilled when an online bike-acquaintance offered to sell me a mini-groupset of Shimano 600 Arabesque. You see the derailleur above (that's the thing that shifts the gears for you) - I love the curliques and details! Plus the crankset it beautiful too:
I'll also be adding some other loveliness to it:
This nice Brooks saddle which a friend is buying for me in England.
Lovely Bicycle!
Cream coloured Panaracer Paselas like this

Walt's Bike Shop
...and this simple but functional and streamlined bike rack.

Is it crazy that I am more excited about this than any of my home renos?