Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hooked on Hooks

Cheesy title, I know. I just couldn't resist. Could you ever imagine there were so many options for hanging things on walls?

Amazing, isn't it? I may have a little obsession. Don't you love a series of statement hooks on a white wall? 


  1. i have a creepy stash of hooks in the garage...creepy in how many of them there are. but how do people live without them? i need them in every room - for coats, purses, scarves, kids crap...every single room. my stash is waiting for the new rooms to be built. sigh.

  2. I know; I'm thinking I need a few in my front hall at kid level. Or maybe I just really need an excuse to buy a few of these lovelies! I'm crazy jealous of your renovation by the way. So cool.