Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vanilla Dreams

It's funny when you're friends with your friend's mum, isn't it? My friend's mum, Robyn sent our family some gifts for our kids and as it happened, a huge gift for me! 50 or so organic vanilla beans!

Right now they are in a jar of sugar, but the sugar is going beyond what I'd call vanilla sugar, so I think I might take them out soon and let them sit in a jar alone.

So far I've made the Strawberry-Vanilla Rhubarb pie and given a few away, but I've been looking for ideas to use them. Other than the usual suspects - custards etc., my research has suggested:

  • make own extract by soaking in vodka
  • copy Katie's wonderful Peach-Vanilla Jam
  • Make Macarons
Any more ideas?