Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Po Campo Review Update

I got my Po Campo Armitage Satchel about 10 months ago and I initially reviewed it hereAs it's been a while, I thought I would give a long term review.

In my original review I mentioned that there were a couple of issues with the tension on the stitching. Over the course of time, this caused one of the velcro straps to fray and pull out of the bag. I have no doubt that this was an unusual occurence and not typical of the bags. I contacted Po Campo and they sent me a new bag, no questions asked! What amazing customer service. I got the new bag in the Waxed Umber because I thought it would be a more practical colour than the Chartreuse Poppy that I had originally. The workmanship on the new bag is top notch and shows no signs of the thread tension issues that the other one had. 

I used the old bag every day for about 8 or 9 months. It was my main purse so saw a lot of action. It stood up remarkably well and now I have handed to over to a friend after I gave it a good bath. The new bag is amazing. It doesn't show dirt at all and seems very sturdy.

I find I can put a lot of stuff into my bag, though I have ended up buying the Loop Pannier as a complement to my Satchel. The satchel is a large handbag, for sure, but the dimensions don't allow you to put things like folders in it as you would be able to in say, a hobo. I think perhaps the ideal situation might be a smaller purse, like the Streeterville Clutch as an everyday purse with the addition of the Loop Pannier for your big-carry days.

I have the Loop Pannier but have yet to really test it out. I will write a review once I've put it through its paces. I would also like to add that the description of the prints being on "Laminated Cotton" makes the fabric sound thin and flimsy (to me at least), but in fact it is nice and thick and very high quality. It's very yummy indeed and looks as though it will clean up really nicely.

Who else is a Po Campo groupie?

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