Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bumpy Road in Renovations

Remember the deal on a vanity that I mentioned a while back?

I scored a vanity from IKEA at an unbelievable price. Well, turns out that deals are not always what they seem, and I have learned another renovation tip: talk to your contractor or handyman in detail before making purchases. Turns out all sorts of complications come with floating vanities in old houses: moving plumbing, creating access panels, tearing out walls...all of a sudden the deal of a century does not become so deal-like. So back to the drawing board. 
Turns out vanities are expensive. And I hate most of the ones you can buy out there. This is where I turn to the internet to help me find an alternative, to see if something can be done to magically make the vanity of my dreams:
I think most of us have seen this piece of kitchen furniture at IKEA some time or another. Other than the open shelving (I don't want to see the pipes), I think it is a little piece of genius. 
Same idea with IKEA effectiv office furniture.

These people used one of the bathroom cabinets from Ikea that I do not like, Lillangen (I thought it looked kind of cheap at the store). I really like it here though, the customized fronts and handles make it look less Ikea-like.
Another person who customizes furniture to use as bathroom cabinets is Sarah Richardson. Here are a few of her gorgeous transformations:

This cabinet was from pier 1!

This is not a cabinet, but a was originally a rusted out iron table she transformed.
Another beautiful transformation, she lucked out by finding a sideboard with a marble top for $350...I wonder if I could be so lucky.....
There is also the option of making one or getting one custom made, which sounds expensive too. You also have to somehow protect the top surface of the furniture which could pose a challenge and add to expense. Does anyone have any other ideas to share? Have you re-purposed any furniture for a kitchen or bath?


  1. i'm assuming it would the same deal on the same vanity we got - or was yours just a vanity? we got the vanity, sink, faucet combo for crazy cheap. and since we don't want to float it as well in our weird old house - we're going to build a table similar to the apartment therapy photo and set it on top of that and plumb close to the wall behind the open shelves. good luck. my dad goes to antique stores and buys beautiful little hutches and dressers and puts sink and barkeeper coat on top of them. sometimes he even cuts into them - and you can find some pretty cheap dressers on craigslist. okay, your blogstalker is going to stop typing now...probably never to be heard from again. good luck and show us the final product!

  2. My deal was just the vanity. Are you building the table soon? I would love to see a picture! I was thinking that a stereo cabinet or credenza might be the right height without making weird cut-outs for the drawers.