Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To theme or not to theme?

Themed kids' parties are so cool. I loved having Emmett's mustache party at home. Eleanor will be turning 3 (!) in October so I am starting to think about parties.

I think we will make this one fairly small and limit it to kids that Eleanor plays with regularly, as I feel the 3rd birthdays begin to be about the kids rather than the parents (did I say that, LOL?).

We've loved attending everyone's parties so far and each was so different. Holly's was uber-stylish and cute, of course and we have also been to non-themed house parties and one at the Little Gym. Eleanor loved them all. So what should we do?

Eleanor's turning out to be a pretty girly-girl and went crazy over the fairy dress her Nana and Pop brought from Australia. So I think some sort of girly theme is definitely in order, however I don't know if we will be inviting any boys. So I'll have to put some thought into it.

Here are some ideas I'm loving:

In the Hushed Hours Via The Sweetest Occasion
LOVE the antique-colours and garland! This party is to die for!

The Sweetest Occasion
 Um, what is there not to love about individual hats in bright colours?

Martha Stewart
Is this not the most gorgeous girly cake you've ever seen?

Do you have a big birthday bash for each of your kids' birthdays? Do you theme them, have them at a party place or do a down-home thang?

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