Friday, October 14, 2011

Kitchen Progress

Well, we have decided on grout! (exciting I know), this means that we are trim paint away from a full kitchen tour! Did we decide to go dark or light? Well....

Dark! The same grout in between our lovely gray floor tiles is now on the wall. It is not a really really dark colour and I think it ties things in nicely. Plus it will hide spaghetti stains. Awesome. (You'll have to excuse the dark picture, it is perpetually night here lately it seems).


  1. i love it. we did dark grout in the bathroom - but it was a last minute go-with-your-gut sort of decision. i love it. it holds up sooo much better than white. plus, i think it adds more of a timeless quality to a tile that might quickly date itself in a few years.

  2. Part of me wishes we had it in there as well...I am already getting annoyed with the blue soap on the walls!