Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holiday Baking List: Squares Edition

First I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends (and husband); I hope you are enjoying this day surrounded by friends and family! What perfect timing as well to discuss the only subject that has been on my mind lately: sweets. You must understand that I am on a no-sweets-till-Friday diet (this works for me, but says something about how much of a staple my beloved chocolate is in my diet). So each Saturday morning I awake on a mission to find the most delicious thing to eat and bake by the end of the week to make it worth it. This week the cravings were particularly bad. It all started with this post at Marion House Book; it just so happened this recipe for "George" (Nanaimo bars) was one of my childhood favorites:

This one will definitely show up on my plate Friday! Here are a few more I would love to try out this season:

Lemon squares, via Martha Stewart

Hop on the salted caramel trend (have you noticed this?), via Made With Pink

Too rich? Cookie dough brownies at Gonna Want Seconds!

Finally, these chocolate chip espresso bars look like something my husband would go for. What holiday treats do you have planned?

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