Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Leek and Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Having been away for a few saturdays, I was very glad to go to my local farmer's market again this week. Among other things I was overjoyed to see some Jerusalem Artichokes. I'd never eaten them until a few years ago (having never seen them to buy plus being warned about the effects on the digestive system), but now we love them!

Here's what they look like:
Food France Fabulous

They are like a very nutty potato and can be used similarly.

I also bought some lovely leeks and some hardneck garlic and decided to make a soup:

  • 2 large leeks
  • 2 huge cloves of garlic
  • 1 qt Jerusalem Artichokes, scrubbed
  • 2 tetrapaks of Chicken Stock (or homemade)
Wash your leeks (very) thoroughly and chop roughly. Warm some olive oil and throw in the leeks, chopped garlic and chopped artichokes. When the leeks begin to soften, add enough stock to just cover the veg, some freshly ground black pepper and a bit of salt. Simmer until everything's tender (20 mins or so) and then puree using a stick blender.

Taste and adjust seasoning and serve with a drizzle of excellent artisan olive oil on top (or not if you don't have any).