Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holly's Vintage -Eclectic Style

I should really call this post "whatever-is-pink-and-girly-at-a-garage-sale" style; I finally put some personal touches in Holly's room (and a few Christmas decorations too!). I must admit, nothing in Holly's room is matchy or belongs to a particular style, but that is the way Holly herself is most mornings and it seems to work for her! I  am loving how cozy her little corner is shaping up:

A lot of things happen when you piece together a room on a budget 1. It is shaping up way less modern than if I had an unlimited budget to work with and 2. Way more gold accents have appeared than I would have normally chosen myself. I really love the gold and soft pink which is surprising!
This is where I need some help though, while normally you would choose fabrics and patterns before designing a room, now I need to find fabrics that will go with this scheme. Any suggestions? I think some curtains will add softness to the other side of the room where it is lacking...

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