Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh So Retro...

Ever see a product that takes you back to being a kid? I recently had that experience, and $1.50 couldn't stop me from getting the same thing for Holly. Here's what was waiting for her Valentine's day morning:
 I'm not big on giving my kids candy, but I love getting them a special treat Valentine's morning (I keep it under $5). When I saw these bottles, they brought me right back to piggy tails and crooked bangs! I mean, they are the exact same.
 So fun! I'm willing to let go of the juice in a baby bottle thing, it didn't seem to affect my parenting skills. Just goes to show how really old this product is...and still, Holly (and Henry) had the same reaction when the milk "magically" disappears! oooo! ahhhh.....
And yes, I am warming up the sewing machine (no judging) I made this baby diaper the night before using two pieces of felt lying around and some velcro. Holly doesn't mind the crooked stitch...I definitely need the practice since I am going to try pinch pleat drapes using pleat tape and this easy looking tutorial. Wish me Luck!

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