Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cool Kid's Spaces

Sorry about the mix up with posts lately, I am computer-less at the moment (can you imagine?). I've been thinking a lot lately about creative kid's spaces (probably because of the imminent backyard makeover this summer, since we lack a yard I've considered doing something crazy with the shed!). Still I wish I could be half as cool as the parents who built these rooms for their kids...
A rock climbing wall? so cool. Would be ten times cooler if it led to a secret space, wonder if it does?
A sweet little outdoor playroom would be perfect for messy crafts and games. I could see my kids spending hours in something like this!
I'm a fan of the slide trend as well; although I would probably use it to throw laundry down the basement (Of course, I always was the kid who wanted a laundry chute in my house!)

A pulley system is so simple and fun. How great to deliver secret notes to the top bunk at sleepovers or up the stairs for a spy game.
I saw a mouse house like this a few years back while watching House and Home and thought it was the coolest idea, sadly I can't find the picture to show you guys! This one is almost as good. I have recently found out that someone in London has one of these in their house, I am dying to see it!
Have you built any cool spaces for your kids you would like to share? My kids would love spaces like these, but are happy with a couch fort as well.

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