Thursday, May 24, 2012

More bike bags

Here's my Po Campo Armitage Satchel (more on this another day) basking in the sun. We had a great day and I thought it would be a good time to blog about bike bags. Again.

Until now, my commute has only been a few miles with a viola on my back and my bag strapped to my rack. It's been easy, and my carry hasn't been too extreme. From September onwards, it will be about twice that, with a LOT more to carry. So of course I had to prepare.

A friend brought this bag back from England for me. It's a Carradice Bike Bureau which works as a huge pannier and message bag (the upper flap folds back to cover the hardware). Apparently it is quite waterproof. It's also cavernous! A nice feature is that is has a pocket which is the perfect size for a U-lock. Mine doesn't have the laptop case built in as it was discounted, but I will have a separate sleeve anyway (when I get my Mac). I'm looking foward to testing and reviewing it. I think it will also make a great grocery pannier.

And I also bought this one for my light-carry days:
Po Campo
The Po Campo Loop Satchel. I love, love, love this company. Stay tuned for reviews on both of these bags, plus an update on my Po Campo Armitage Satchel.

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