Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Blog-iversary!

It's hard to believe Leila and I have been working on this little ol' blog for a whole year! It's been an exciting and productive year for the both of us. Let's take a moment to recapture all of the fun moments of the year:

We started off the year with a bang with Leila's popular book sling hack;

We celebrated with Holly's tea party and Emmett's fabulous moustache party!

I showed you the before and after of Henry and Holly's playroom, also featured on Ohdeedoh; where you can find the DIY play kitchen Santa made for her:

There was lots of thrifting...

and yummy cooking...

some furniture makeovers...

And as always, reno updates!

Thanks to all our friends who read this blog regularly, we love you all. There is still so much to share with you, so we hope you tune in as we continue our blogging adventure!

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